Moomin Boat on Beach

Moomin Boat on Beach


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A smaller tray in the size 27x20 cm, with a beautiful motive inspired by Tove Jansson's original drawings. It is of high quality, handmade in Sweden out of birchwood. Dish washer safe.

The motive is taken from Alex Haridi's and Cecilia Davidsson's novel, which is a "re-creation" of Tove jansson's stories as more child-friendly picture books. The books picture are illustrated by Cecilia Heikkilä, and Bonnier Carlsen published the novels along with Moomin's 75th Anniversary.

The minimum order quantity is 15 pieces/item, and the delivery time is about 4 weeks. Delivery is worldwide.

Also exists in the sizes:

36x28 cm (102-207) 

43x33 cm (103-207)

A Scandinavian Design.