Coasters Moomin 'Blue Characters' (TV-Series)

Coasters Moomin 'Blue Characters' (TV-Series)


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A 6-pack of coasters in the size 9x9 cm, beautiful and joyful to have on the table, always ready to protect it from liquid-spill. It is of high quality, handmade in Sweden out of laminated birch veneer, and dish washer safe.

The package includes three duplicates of coasters separately displaying a character; Snorkmaiden, Moomin and Little My. The more modern, animated, motives are taken from the recently released Moomin TV-serie; inspired of Tove Jansson's original drawings. 


The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces/item- mainly a product for distributors -and the delivery time is about three-four week. Delivery is worldwide.

A Scandinavian Design.