Moomin 'Winter Games'

Moomin 'Winter Games'


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A 4-pack of coasters in the size 9x9 cm, beautiful and stylish to have on the table, always ready to protect it from liquid-spill. It is of high quality, handmade in Sweden out of laminated birch veneer, and dish washer safe. The package is of plastic.

The wintry design displays the Moomin-family, together with the Hemul,  playing in a snow-covered landscape of the Moomin-valley. In the background you can catch a glimpse of the Fillyjonk and her children as well. A classic motif from original drawings of Tove Jansson.


B-category (seasonal): The minimum order quantity is 20 pieces/item, and the delivery time is about three weeks from processed order. Delivery worldwide.

OBS the B-category are non-stock-items and delivered quantity can end up in +/- 3 pcs of ordered quantity! The fact that it is seasonal, means that during the winter season the product transfers into an A-category product, having a shorter delivery time!

Scandinavian Design.